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Dark Night Records: Albums / The Study

PRIVATE FAME: 2 Men-E of Broadcasting Live, Inc.

01-Part III (intro)

02-Be f L y

03-Earn My 1st Quarter

04-Quick Shot

05-You Can Get It

06-Private Fame

07-F U Pay Me

08-Be A Man

09-I Want You

10-Home Girl

12-2 Men-E for President

11-She Likes 2


14-Let You Have It

15-Kiss Your Ass Goodbye

16-Going 2 Class


(2 Men-E featurng Dex of Qualified Live Entertainment, and RA or Planet ill)

18-Without A Gun

(2 Men-E featuring BONEZ of Dark Night Records)

19-Licensed Driver

(2 Men-E featuring Drama of Trinity and Unico Sound)

20-Mind Music pt.1

21-Tell Them What They Want to Hear (RMX)

22-Whatever 2 Likes

23-Gettin' Warm (RMX)

24-Straight Conscious