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Dark Night Records: Albums / The Study


March 11, 2018

by BONEZ 2018 Dark Night Records

It’s 2018, I stay droppin’ the viciousness/
this infinity war - still fighting cognitive dissonance/
Ripper Jack of many trades, you can call me the stick-up kid/
I’m colossal and big as shit man, a monster with lyrics and/
It’s a damn shame - we’ve got a man-child as the POTUS/
We’ve been close to hell before but this time we’re the closest/
His little itchy Twitter fingers got nuclear codes/
while grade school vocabulary stays confusing him though/
He’s got the best words, don’t he? Donnie’s making us great again/
Who wouldn’t describe this man as sesquipedalian?/
They stand up for guns - not lives lost, but who cares?
At least they hookin’ us up with them thoughts and them prayers/
Eighteen school shootings, less than fifty days - no flippin’ way/
Here comes Wayne LaPierre with the same old shit to say/
runnin’ his damn mouth, but he ain’t burying no kids today/
enough is enough, we’re fuckin’ done with this stuff/
We want change like a homeless man with children to feed/
This money system don’t meet none of its citizens’ needs/
I wanna visit a beach and disconnect from it all/
but there’s too much to do and we’re at the edge of the falls/
We call ourselves higher beings, where we gettin’ the gall?/
and Trump wants Mexico to pay for us erecting a wall?/
Man, we still don’t get it, do we? Cause we’re such a proud group/
Ain’t no democracy man - they don’t give a fuck about you/
That’s a hard thing to learn, and it’s easy to talk nice/
but that ain’t me and that shit wouldn’t even be Dark Night/
Better tune to that FM for babble and drool/
where Hiphop is just a show and not a powerful tool/
This system generates cogs in a wheel and I was a fool/
The choice is ours, the time is now, and this is the hour for you/
The kids are counting on you for a workable solution/
Enough with these excuses cuz we’ve heard ‘em and they’re useless/

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